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Brand Strategy and Identity Design

We are your agency for Branding from Kochi

To us, branding is not just about designing beautiful logos. Every business has a story to tell and branding, through a mix of strategies, helps businesses in communicating effectively with the public and building brand awareness.

Business Analysis

The first step is to understand the market of your business. This helps in identifying target customers, prevailing trends, competitors and more. All the tiny bit of data collected can prove to be vital in the long run. After careful research on the market, a marketing objective can be set.

Brand Identity

This phase involves ideation and implementation of strategies on how a business should be seen by the outside world. During this process, the identity of the business is shaped and better equipped to compete in the market.


After all the strategies have been implemented, a careful evaluation is made on the progress made. This helps in identifying flaws and new opportunities where the business could excel.

Logo Design

Logos are the greatest identity if any business and it’s never merely a design. It conveys strong messages and represents what the business stands for in the market. Our expert designers can get you that eye-catching logo that will surely remain in the visual memory of target audience.

Digital Storytelling

Traditional methods of marketing are out-dated. India has become one of the largest consumers of internet and this just means that the internet is the best platform for businesses to showcase their products and services. Through effective Social Media Marketing, your business story could go viral in no time!

Target Audience

Once the study on market is completed, the next step is to learn more about the target customers and brainstorm ideas that could attract potential customers. We tell the story of your business in more appropriate and pleasing way which will definitely take your business to the spot light.