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Project Budget:

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Web Development

We are your agency for Web Development from Kochi.

We plan and develop technological solutions for business of any size and category! We have been happy to work with great dedication and commitment for our clients ranging from small business to multi-national corporates! Our team of developers has proven expertise in all the major web technologies, and this adds to our confidence in taking on challenging projects!


Once the design of the UI is confirmed, the next part is to plan on how the website should be developed. This stage involves processes like technology identification, setting various phases of development as targets, ensuring appropriate technologies and softwares etc..

Development Initiation

Once the team of development has reached on a solid plan, it is shared with the client and then, the stage of development begins. Our team strives to complete each phase without delay in order to keep up with the promise of prompt delivery!


As the stage of development surpasses each phase, a team of skilled testers are involved to test the website to identify, bugs, content errors etc. Only upon successful completion of this process, a web project passes onto the next phases of development.

Client Review

After each phase is completed successfully, a test link is shared with the client for direct feedback. This also helps the client in analysing the time taken for each phase, to make sure things are not delayed and are going well according to the plan.

Website Optimization

Once the website is developed, it is then fully optimized for conversion. This process mainly involves implementing strategies that would help websites to be SEO friendly. Necessary tags, descriptions and other requirements are completed in this stage.

Final Audit

Once the website is developed and fully functional, it is then audited by our team to ensure the final output is of top-notch quality. Various tests including responsiveness tests are held and verified upon the confirmation of the team and client, preceding the website being published.