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UX & UI design

We are your agency for strategic UX & UI Design from Kochi

We put in our best efforts to understand the nature of our client’s business, the category of customers it’s targeting, and then carefully plan on the User Interface that can provide the best User Experience. This way, we are also able to develop an app or website that seems closely altered for the specific needs of the client and its customers!

User Journeys

After thorough research, we learn the significant phases in a users journey throughout a website. This helps in understanding where extra detailing and focus is to be given in order to make the journey smooth and hassle-free.

Usability Testing

We don’t start developing a UI design until a prototype is completely tested and assured to work on every device without trouble. Only such a design is shared with the client prior to the stage of development.


Once all the critical factors have been analysed, then it’s the turn of our team of UI experts to brainstorm ideas, debate and finalize on the best possible strategy to be used when designing the prototype.

Conversion optimization

Every business has a story to tell, and when it is shared in an attractive manner, the visitor of a website converts into a customer. With years of immense experience in UI/UX we make sure users get to see the best version of the story our client wishes to convey.

Wireframe Creation

Once the best strategy us found and understood, a wireframe is created based on it. The wireframe goes through a series of scrutiny by the team members before it’s passed onto the next stage.

Prototype Development

We do not stick to the traditional methods of UI/UX design. We create responsive and lively prototypes which will actually enable the client to see how the website would work, even before it’s developed! Such a prototype is also tested on various devices.