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App development

We are your agency for App Development from Kochi

Most businesses have a website today. Apps are a way for businesses to take their online presence to the next level, to target and communicate more effectively with potential customers. App development is a complex and time-consuming process, which is why we plan everything with the utmost precision and care. We do understand apps are not for every business, and so we only work on ideas that have great potential! Do you feel you have an idea that could be loved by many? Then lets us talk and find possibilities in turning your idea into a reality!

Initial Research

Clients usually have an idea and it’s up to research on the scope of the app in the market. Certain factors like demographics, user behaviour patterns, objective of the app etc. are analysed. This phase is critical as it helps in understanding how the app should be designed, developed and marketed at a later stage.


Post research, a wire frame is designed by our team of experienced designers. Careful attention is given to each segment based on the data collected during the research. The wireframe will focus on the flow of a user while using the app, in order to make the experience truly hassle-free.

Client Review

Another crucial phase where the client is given the opportunity to provide direct feedback on the designed prototype. Since the prototype will behave like a developed app, it would be easy for one to understand how it should work post development phase. We never skip this phase as we love delivering results clients will love!

Designing The Prototype

This is the stage where the process gets a lot more interesting. A prototype is designed in reference to the approved wireframe and is made visually attractive through pleasing textual content and imagery. The prototype will also be designed in a manner that it can be viewed, tested, and assessed on various platforms.

Technical Validation

This phase considers the technological requirements in bringing the wireframe to a fully functional app. If there is any flaw in the architecture of the wireframe, it’s found and rectified as well. Once it’s all good, the wireframe is approved and passed onto the next stage.

Development And Testing

Once the design prototype is approved, the development starts. During the completion of each segment, our team of testers triple check the codes and functionality to ensure best quality.